General Contractors

Change Orders And Close Out Books

We have over 40 years combined experience with change orders and close out book procedures. We have been engaged with lagre retail companys for the past 14 years and know all the ins and outs of getting this done in a timely matter.


-Open line of communication during entire projects

-Consult With Us On Target Financials

-Collect all items information for each close out book (Ex. Sub list, Lien releases, statement of warranty, .ect)

-Construct and complete job end closeout books

-Submit New/PCR/Change order request once approved submit change request till approved for change orders.

-We can get you top dollar for change orders

-Will Complete projects in a timely fashion. 



NACC Partners has a network of job site superintendents that we are able to lease out to any general contractor in the nation. If you are needing a superintendent and not looking to hire full time then this program is for you.

We have superintendents for full time hire as well.

Qualifications: 30 hour OSHA Training, Storm Water, Superintendent Training, Daytime, Night Time and Many Experience Levels.

If you have a superintendent you would like to lease or if you are a superintendent looking for job placement feel free to contact us.

     Heres What You Get


 Unlimited Change Orders and Close Out Books Per Month

 We will send you superintendents as they come available

National data base of subcontractors




One low monthly retainer


 Feel free to contact us 412-719-3890 or